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Audison Thesis TH X3

Audison Thesis TH X3

Audison Thesis TH X3

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Thesis TH X3

THX 3 is a crossover designed for a full range three-way system with TH 1.5 violino, TH 3.0 voce and TH 6.5 sax. Constructed in a mirrored stereo configuration, it reduces overall dimensions, while making adjustments easier to perform.
The most original characteristic is the OPEN DESIGN: the possibility to modify the electrical circuits, to change all of the settings that affect the acoustic results, adapting it to personal taste.The THX crossover mother board is designed for absolute customization. As a continued open project, the user can: select the power connection mode for Bi-Wiring when used as a passive multi-amplified system; adjust the output level as well as the cut-off frequency of every single speaker in the system; define the filter cut-off slope as well as the Q (quality factor) at the crossover frequency; add notch filters to match the system to the vehicles acoustics. Supplied with the product is a Tuning Kit: it contains all of the additional components required for the customization.To support the users in performing the required steps to upgrade their crossover and enhance the customization possibilities, Audison offers an exclusive, highly specialized service: the Audison Thesis Advisor. Available on-line as part of the Audison website, through it users can choose to adjust their crossover following the examples that can be found in the Advanced Manual, or the custom systems that the Audison R&D designed especially for them.A Thesis system is an exclusive system; if used with a THX crossover, it can achieve a unique sound, everywhere, for everyone.

* este crossover já é estereo, portanto vendido por unidade

Descrição do Produto


  • Crossover frequency: HI-pass on tweeter 3.5 kHz @ 12 dB/Oct. BAND-pass on midrange 450/3.5k Hz @ 6/12 dB/Oct. LO-pass on woofer 450 kHz @ 12 dB/Oct.
  • Thesis speaker set: TH 1.5 violino + TH 3.0 voce + TH 6.5 sax
  • Level Adjustment: Tweeter -2; 0; +2; +4 dB. Midrange -2; 0; +2 dB. Woofer (LFS) 0; -2; -4 dB
  • Sound Control: Low Frequency Shaping, Speaker Position Contour, Multi-Amp Configuration, Audison Thesis Advisor

Informações Adicionais

Fabricante Audison
Montadora Não
Prazo estimado para envio após faturamento: de 45 a 60 dias corridos
Carro Não
Preço R$9.295,00

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